EZCB Makes Loan to Fossil Free Fuel

(02/11/2009) - The EZCB announces its 47th loan in the Enterprise Zone to Fossil Free Fuel. The Enterprise Zone loan of $50,000 is part of a $100,000 project. Funds will be utilized to purchase equipment and inventory, working capital and other business investments and to increase employment.

Fossil Free Fuel is an alternative fuel system design company. Owners Colin Huwyler and Dave Rosenstraus moved the company to its current location at 223 Braddock Avenue, Braddock in 2007. Currently, Fossil Free Fuel designs, manufactures and installs vegetable oil fuel systems. These systems allow diesel engines to be fueled by new vegetable oil, waste vegetable oil, and biodiesel. Because the majority of components produced are metal, the loan funds will be used for equipment to bring metal-working production processes in-house. Oil collection, filtration, and distribution are the other focuses of Fossil Free Fuel. Loan funds will be used for equipment to aid in collection and processing in order to expand the gallon capacity Fossil Free Fuel can offer to their customers. An increased capacity of products and fuel supply will allow Fossil Free Fuel to expand and create job opportunities because of the multitude of skilled production and service positions within the business model. Vegetable oil is renewable, recycled, cleaner burning, and cost competitive with current fuel prices. Vegetable oil as a fuel is not subject to the gasoline and diesel market price fluctuations and can provide fleets with a stable fuel source while yielding environmental benefits.

According to co-owner Dave Rosenstraus, "We moved to the area because we saw an opportunity to fit a market niche and we were encouraged by many local groups and people who believe in our type of business. The Enterprise Zone is one of those groups that is business-friendly. Their financing assistance is a great help to small businesses like us".

William Pfoff, EZCB President said, A little more than a year ago our Enterprise Zone committed to explore and promote green development initiatives. This company is exactly what we are looking for. The owners are passionate and committed to becoming a successful business and helping the environment. We are on the cutting edge of the movement. New green businesses are becoming a national priority.

If any fleet owners are interested in the services offered by Fossil Free Fuel please feel free to contact the company via email ( or phone (412 894-8184).

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