Phillips Tank & Structure Receives Enterprise Zone Loan

(08/25/2017) - The Enterprise Zone Corp. of Braddock serving Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin and Swissvale closed on its 55th Enterprise Zone loan with Phillips Tank & Structure of Braddock. The $151,000 loan is being used in conjunction with financing from Dollar Bank and company equity to purchase vehicles and equipment and prepare a vacant site for parking and storage of equipment. This is the second loan the Enterprise Zone provided to Phillips Tank & Structure.

Phillips moved to 13A Talbot Avenue in Braddock in 2014. Soon after, the Enterprise Zone provided financing to help with start-up costs including equipment.

Phillips Tank & Structure is an engineering and design company in the storage tank industry. Phillips designs and constructs various types of tanks around the country, mainly for the oil and gas industries. They’ve created local jobs in construction management, engineering design, and administration.

According to the President/Owner, Lenny Phillips, “In the next six months, we anticipate hiring two engineers, one buyer, and one administrative person.

Outside of Braddock, PA our field crew has grown from 5 employees to over 100, which provides even greater opportunity to grow our existing support staff in Braddock, PA.

We have been located in Braddock for three years and have aspirations of maintaining long term operations in Braddock. We have expanded into additional offices at our existing location and we plan to create new office space nearby in Braddock. Currently, 5 of our 25 home-office employees live near Braddock, including me (the President/Owner of the company). We strongly believe our growing company is the right fit for the community of Braddock which is undergoing an exciting revitalization.”

EZCB President William Pfoff said “We’re very impressed with what Phillips Tank & Structure has done so far. They’ve hired a lot of employees in a short time and are adding more to their local staff. Mr. Phillips is a great entrepreneur and we see a great future for him and his business.”

Pictured at the loan closing are, from left to right: EZCB President William Pfoff, EZCB Solicitor Scott Kennedy, Jeff Sassic of Phillips and Lenny Phillips, President and Owner of Phillips Tank & Structure.

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