Rankin Bridge Ramp Planting

(05/10/2013) - On Thursday, May 2nd volunteers from the Braddock Youth Project, the Rankin Christian Center, the Enterprise Zone Corp. of Braddock and others from the community planted flowers near the ramps to the Rankin Bridge. The annual planting, directed by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, restored planting areas that were disturbed by Rankin Bridge construction that occurred in the past few years.

Approximately 45 volunteers, under the direction of C.B. McDonald of the Conservancy, carefully planted the flowers and mulched the flower beds. The Rankin site is one of many sites undertaken in the region by the Conservancy.

William Pfoff of the Rankin Christian Center and the Enterprise Zone said, "It was a great day and it was wonderful to see the youth of the area participating. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy does a great job on these sites - they organize it so well. This planting is an asset for our area".

Photo: C.B. McDonald of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy instructs youth volunteers on planting flowers.

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