Heritage Community Initiatives Holds Graduation Day for MOVE-IT Program

(08/20/2010) - On Friday, August 20, 2010 Heritage Community Initiatives held graduation ceremonies for the graduates of Session 1 of the MOVE-IT Program. The ceremonies were held at the U.S. Steel Training HUB in Duquesne.

The MOVE-IT Program is funded by the United States Department of Labor through an Energy Training Partnership grant, and facilitated by Heritage Community Initiatives. More than 20 people graduated from a 10-week training program. The training has prepared them for construction-related jobs in fields such as deconstruction and demolition. Most of the trainees have received OSHA certificates in asbestos contractor/supervisor, construction safety, confined space, and lead construction standards; as well as EPA certification in lead renovation, removal and painting.

Resumes for Session 1 graduates are available upon request. Contact John English, 412-351-0535, or, e-mail at

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