California Family Brings New Life to Rankin Church

(02/10/2019) - The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Rankin, built in 1903, closed in 2011. It remained vacant as the Diocese of Pittsburgh marketed the property for sale.

A California family, the Stasinowsky's, saw an opportunity to redevelop the building into a productive business. Jordan Stasinowsky was living and working in Pittsburgh and enticed his family to move to the area. With their interest in wine and connections to Northern California wine makers the family prepared a business plan to create Mary's Vine, Inc. Parents Cheryl and Wally, who both were involved in construction in California convinced daughter Amber and her husband Daniel Smith and Jordan to join in partnership to develop Mary's Vine.

The Stasinowsky's reached out to the Enterprise Zone Corp. of Braddock (EZCB) and Rankin Borough officials about the project. Subsequently, EZCB provided a $100,000 Enterprise Zone loan to Mary's Vine as part of an approximately $2 million project. Construction activities are on-going and the opening will take place some time in 2019.

Mary's Vine will offer wine by the glass and a full food menu will be available. Live jazz and other music will enliven the atmosphere.

Mary's Vine has had great support from Rankin Borough and has secured an agreement with the borough to lease land for valet parking. Landscaping improvements to the leased property and the church property are planned.

EZCB President William J. Pfoff remarked, "As a Rankin resident and Member of Borough Council, I am tremendously excited about Mary's Vine. The Stasinowsky family are smart and totally dedicated to making Mary's Vine a great destination. The Enterprise Zone has assisted in any projects in the area such as Brew Gentlemen, Portogallo's Peppers N'At, Superior Motors and others. Great things are happening in our EastShore communities of Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin and Swissvale."

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