EZCB Public Relations Committee

(02/23/2017) - The Enterprise Zone Corp. of Braddock Public Relations Committee was formed after a series of meetings and discussions among corporation members who recognized the transformation taking place in the Enterprise Zone. The objective is to improve the image of the area, attract new businesses, visitors and residents.

EZCB is seeking partners and resources to implement this initiative.


The Enterprise Zone Corp. of Braddock
Representing the Boroughs of Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin and Swissvale

The Enterprise Zone Corp. of Braddock (EZCB) is an I.R.S. designated 501(C)(3) non-profit economic development organization comprised of eleven (11) public and private sector Board Members and approximately 40 general members. Established in 1986, the corporation secured Enterprise Zone grant funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to attract new businesses and assist existing businesses to expand.

In the 30 years EZCB has assisted in over 100 development projects ranging from securing over $2 million in Enterprise Zone State tax credits for United States Steel’s Edgar Thomson Works to a $5,000 loan to a Braddock beauty shop to help repair the roof of the building. EZCB economic development activities in the communities supported by EZCB have leveraged over $400 million in public and private investment, creating over 400 jobs.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been closing down the Enterprise Zone Program across the State. Funding for community and economic development at the federal and state levels has been dramatically cut. With a healthy revolving loan fund EZCB will continue to be a sustainable organization in support of economic development and job creation.

It is in the area of discretionary funding for public relations, marketing and holding events for business outreach where there is a critical need. One of these events is the Business Roundtable series that EZCB has sponsored for many years. In June 2015 a Business Roundtable was held at the Grand View Golf Club in North Braddock. A panel of business representatives and economic development professionals discussed their challenges and successes. It was an interactive session that led to the creation of a Public Relations Committee. The Committee has been meeting since September 2015 and has discussed a number of ideas and initiatives to promote the area.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm with this group that has representation from some members that have been involved for many years and others who are new to the Enterprise Zone area. The members of the working group are as follows:

Bill Pfoff EZCB President and Rankin Council Member
Chuck Starrett Enterprise Zone Coordinator
Sabina Deitrich University of Pittsburgh’s Mon Valley Entrepreneurship Program
Julie Grose Swissvale Council and EZCB Board Member
Mark Harvey Smith Realtor
Zach Huth Huth Technologies
Evan Indianer Unicentric
Tom Michlovic Retired PA Representative
Chris Roland North Braddock Council Member
Jeff Sassic Phillips Tank & Structure
Patrick Shattuck Mon Valley Initiative
Alaina Webber The Brew Gentlemen
Lisa Whitney Eos Studio Arc, LLC

In the last two (2) years there’s been a great deal of development that has taken place in the Enterprise Zone. Almost $1.5 million of Enterprise Zone financing assistance was provided leveraging millions of dollars of private investment. Some examples – Phillips Tank and Structure is a firm that specializes in providing design, fabrication and construction of above-ground storage tanks and other related steel and aluminum structures. A software company named Unicentric purchased and renovated a former synagogue and later a Baptist church in Braddock. In Swissvale, two buildings were acquired by an architect and an attorney and are being renovated. In Rankin, an $18 million Flyover Ramp was completed to provide access to the 130-acre Carrie Furnace redevelopment site. There are other commercial properties in Rankin and North Braddock that are under consideration for redevelopment.

To continue this positive momentum the EZCB is seeking resources to promote the area and the benefits of locating a business in the Enterprise Zone area comprised of Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin and Swissvale.

The working group has developed the brand “In The Zone” to market the four communities as one. EZCB has provided funding for an In The Zone logo and secured three (3) website addresses:


“In the Zone” – A Sampling of Assets

Carnegie Library
U.S. Steel Corporation Edgar Thomson Works
Nyia Page Community Center
Heritage Community Initiatives & 4 Kids
The Free Store
Brew Gentlemen Beer Company
Trek Development
Allegheny Health Network Urgent Care
Free Press Building
Grow Pittsburgh/Braddock Farms
Braddock Borough Building
Bell’s Market
A-Boss Opticians
Braddock Rotary Club
Braddock Elks
Braddock Lions Club

North Braddock
Grand View Golf Club
Braddock’s Battlefield History Center
Vincent’s Pizza
Route 30
Woodland Hills Administration Building at Ben Fairless
North Braddock Borough Building

Carrie Furnace Site
Rankin Christian Center
Rankin Bridge
Emil’s Lounge
Rankin Croatian Home
Rankin Borough Building

Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale
Triangle Bar & Grill
Carrie Furnace/Steel Industry Heritage Center
Swissvale Junior High School
Farmer’s Market
Les Getz Field
Regent Square
Parkway East Access
D’s Dogz
Edgewood Towne Centre
Swissvale Borough Building
Swissvale Rotary Club

“In The Zone” – Our Plan

To reimage the Enterprise Zone area, In The Zone branding is intended to re-energize the communities, businesses and individuals.

Our Vision

A restored legacy of hard work and business innovation in a historically diverse, value based community.

Our Mission

To lead a bold communal movement to mobilize financial and social resources through strategic initiatives, collaboration, communication, and promotion.

Our Assets

• Location – In the center of Allegheny County/get anywhere fast
• 10 minutes from downtown and easy access to major thruways
• Riverfront property
• Carrie Furnace – shovel ready & event venue
• Golf course with a Grand View
• Rich history
• Affordability
• Individuals in public and private sector leadership roles
• Friendly / Neighborly/Comradery
• The Area’s Assets (See Page 3)

In The Zone initiated by the EZCB to pull together the resources and assets of 4 vibrant communities in the zone.

The EZCB ( has participated in over 100 development projects leveraging millions of dollars of public and private investment.

In The Zone (1) One Year Budget ($150,000)

*Year one is the top load due to building the brand.
Subsequent years budget will be reduced

Branding & Marketing ($75,000)

Marketing & Communication Consultant (communicates what are we about)
• Design Budget and get funding
• Market the brand

Design and Social Media Consultant (creates the content)
• Establishing the brand
• Web design/hosting
• Social Media
• Printed Materials
• Advertising
Intern Support ($10,000)
Events ($20,000)
Real Estate Marketing Consultant ($24,000)
Expenses ($21,000)
• Advertising Budget
• Supplies
• Miscellaneous

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